Langrisser Game – endless quest for legendary sword


The fighting game is launched by the Noriyuki Iwadare and based on Japanese SRPG game tactic. You can enjoy the fighting battles by which offers you class based combats and real-time PVP world class artwork. You may also explore a huge fantasy world and unforgettable musical score while playing.

Apart from this, you may also use the Langrisser Hack to play the game easily and can improve bond system among heroes of the game.

Begin journey and end with magical quest of legendary sword

Langrisser game of battles can be started with the characters of the game which is offered as a huge range and come back to the continent area of El Sallia to explore the great legendary sword.

Classis turn is the theme of the game

This is a very unique concept of the game for players of the game. As each hero has his own unique upgrade tree. You can also change your heroes as per the difficulty level or situation. Perfect strategies can be worth using to win the game challenges.

Real time battles with stunning anime art

The gameplay is of stunning in nature and awesome graphics also attracts its player. Storyline of thee game also plays an important role in luring you. Each character of the game namely Lana, Cherie, Leon, Elwin, Ledin and so on has their distinct and different personality. Besides these, the first time storyline of the game delve you in the real time turn based fighting battles.

Updating and choosing destiny

The game of Langrisser provides you upgrading system and heroes from different classes as per the situation and with perfect tactics of the battles. You may also like to use the Langrisser Hack which is also highly in demand. You can play more than 300 Classic levels of the game.