Fortnite- Boost the level with These Tips

In the era of digitalization, everyone has their personal phones. If you are interested in playing an action game the today I will tell you best action game Fortnite. It is available on IOS devices, and in some months they launch a version for Android devices. The game is available for free on the app store, but some items are available only in the purchase. In the game, you can shape the battlefields by building. Many types of events and missions are available for playing the game. For download the game it must require 11.0 and up IOS version. You also make your team and play with other players’ team. So it is also the best way to make your relationship better with friends.

Tips and tricks-

The tips and tricks are most important for every player. If you are interested in playing the game, then it must be required. It helps to you play the game and boost up to level. From all tips, your performance in the game also improves. So now I tell you the best tips which Fortnite Cheats you to upgrade your level. Read the all tips carefully.

  1. Land on the roof-

It is the main tip for playing the game. Always start from the roof at looting your first building. Some time one the building rood weapons are available. These are all the weapons helpful for missions. So always start a mission from the roof because that tip provides you free weapons.

  1. Inventory-

The inventory is the like box for missions in which you can store your weapons at the time of the mission. In it, only five slots are available to store your things. You can fill with combined weapons and healing items like medikit, bandages, Shield potions and many things. At the time of looting, do everything you can to keep a balance. At the time of pick up, your first couple of shield potions then consume it and free up the inventory. After free the one slot you can pick another one thing. But it depends on your choice what you want to pick. But as per guide always try to pick more range of weapons.